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The Amovida Motion Comfort+ sets new standards in design of wheelchair cushions. The winning of the red dot design award certifies this impressively.

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Waterproof Cover

Waterproof Cover prevents all liquids from penetrating the cushion

The Amovida Waterproof Cover is intended to protect the Amovida cushion from moisture.

The 2000mm water column is accomplished through a special PU- coating, and is further reinforced with taped seams and a covered zipper.

This cover prevents all liquids from penetrating the AV 400 or AV 500 cushion.


A premium quality cushion designed to distribute weight evenly.

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Combining all the innovative features of Amovida Motion, the cushion pad in Motion Comfort+ also incorporates an ingenious temperature-balancing material that helps regulate the user’s body temperature.

Product details

Pressure distribution analysis

Our new anti-decubitus cushions are designed to ensure optimal weight distribution and thereby prevent pressure sores... 

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