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The Amovida Motion Comfort+ sets new standards in design of wheelchair cushions. The winning of the red dot design award certifies this impressively.

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Great feedback for the new Amovida Cushions

Great feedback for the new Amovida Cushions during the 2. Oettinger Wheelchaircup 2011! The international wheelchair basketball tournament took place from 25.-28-08-2011 in Elxleben near Erfurt.

During the tournament we had the opportunity to present our new Amovida cushion to international top teams and the players had the chance to test our new Motion Comfort+ cushion. The players of the national teams from Russia and Suisse, RSB Team Thüringen (1st German division), Jena Caputs (1. German division) and RSC Osnabrück (2nd German division) were very interested in the features and the design of the cushion. The players who tested the cushion were very satisfied with the performance of the cushion and all testers agreed to test for a longer period of time to give a detailed feedback. We are looking forward to hear their final comments.

Taz Capasso Team RSB Thüringen 1. german Division

Taz Capasso US star from RSB team Thürungen

Player Team Russia


Team Russia

The players from Russia really liked the cushion

Teams presentation

The teams: Jena Caputs, Teams Suisse, Team Russia, RSC Osnabrück and RSB Team Thüringen

Pressure distribution analysis

Our new anti-decubitus cushions are designed to ensure optimal weight distribution and thereby prevent pressure sores... 

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