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The Amovida Motion Comfort+ sets new standards in design of wheelchair cushions. The winning of the red dot design award certifies this impressively.

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Adjuster Kit

 Adjuster Kit to generate extra volume in the fluid layer or to provide additional stability

Only use the Amovida adjuster kit with the following Amovida wheelchair cushion models: Amovida Motion (AV400) and Amovida Motion Comfort+ (AV 500). For the right placement of the adjusters to your personal needs consult your medical professional, medical doctor or therapist. The additional adjustment of the Amovida wheelchair cushion is not mandatory. If needed or recommended by a medical professional the adjusters can be placed in the following positions. The adjusters are always placed between foam base and silicone pad.

1.  One adjuster placed in each backside corner of the foam base. In this case the hip is stabilized in the back to avoid rolling backwards and to support an upright position of the spine. In extreme cases the adapters can be doubled.

2.  One adjuster placed in each corner of the foam base. In this case the whole hip is moved up to enlarge the contour depth in case of extremely exposed ischial tuberosities.

3.  One adjuster placed in each left side corner of the foam base for example in case of left sided (scoliotic) problems with the spine.

4.  One adjuster placed in each right side corner of the foam base for example in case of right sided (scoliotic) problems with the spine.

When placing the adjusters take care that the velour side is facing upwards. The adjuster must be connected with velcro fasteners to the foam base and the silicone inlay.


A premium quality cushion designed to distribute weight evenly.

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Combining all the innovative features of Amovida Motion, the cushion pad in Motion Comfort+ also incorporates an ingenious temperature-balancing material that helps regulate the user’s body temperature.

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Pressure distribution analysis

Our new anti-decubitus cushions are designed to ensure optimal weight distribution and thereby prevent pressure sores... 

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